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January 22
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 “Men,” an armed male begun, so that the crowd silenced their chatter. “We've been requested to join on the Royal's side of their war. They said they'll pay us fifty thousand, but I'd like to know what everyone here thinks.” The black haired teen nodded indicating the others to go on.

“Fifty thousand? Sounds good to me. The more the better,” a gruff voice snickered as he rested his hand on the end of his ax. The source of the voice folded his muscular arms and smirked, his teeth clearly haven't been cleaned in months.

“Please reconsider,” a female voice answered. The female archer, covered in dirty clothes, stood up straight and looked at his scarred face. “This isn't our war, and the opposite side has more professionals than the King and Queen has and us have combined. I don't think many of us will make it back out.”

“Pheh, but think. The survivors would be rich! All the more to do it,” a different male voice called out. He unsheathed his sword and swung it in the air, the chipped metal reflecting the light as people screamed at him to but his sword back.

“Silence,” the first male ordered in complete calmness.

Obediently they all had.


The debate had continue but with less rage, scarred face to bruised faces talking to one another. Occasionally there was a shout or a slam of a fist, making the table shake but it was nothing personal. After a bit more, it then quieted down into thought or running out of things to say.

“I have decided,” the black haired teen informed.

The next day the sky decided to be white and the air decided to be accompanied by fog. The wind was still and there was not a movement made. The filthy men on royal grounds stayed at their post.

“I am disappointed in you, Sir,” the female archer from before mumbled.

With no eye contact being made, the male answered, “I can't satisfy everyone.”

Black figures from afar approached the castle in unison. The royal guards and the mercenaries waited until they could see the other's eye color. The general of the opposite side ordered them to halt. For a moment everyone just glared each other down. Tension filled the air, but everything seemed to hold its breath. The Royal's general drew his sword and pointed it directed at the other general, where he did the same.


Roars and clashes instantly unleashed, followed by screams on both sides in the front lines. Paladin's horses jumped over fresh death and galloped to warriors as a lance was struck straight into their chest. Arrows flew from the sides like rain crashing into soil. Swordsmen swung their weapon at each other in perfect form, bloody and brutal.

The mercenary leader ducked under a soldier's arm as he tried to swing his sword at the other. Swiftly he spun behind him and pulled on the back of his collar as arrows flew in all directions protecting the male teen. He dropped the bleeding flesh, who fell on his knees and collapsed over.

War resumed with chaos, lives after lives being taken by others.

Blinding white light silently exploded from the middle of the battle, immediately capturing everyone's attention. The black haired teen braced himself from the light as well as he could.

“Sir, sir?! Sir!”

A child with his arms wide giggled as he ran to his mother with his tiny feet. His mother chuckled as she put her knitting on the arm of the rocking chair she was sitting on and patted her lap with her wary hands. He grinned as he sat down in front of her, resting his chin on her knees, looking up at her with curious, blue eyes.

“Daddy's coming home today.” She looked back down at him with her soft, dark brown eyes and she smiled at him.

He giggled some more, rolling his chin side to side on her lap.

The door opened as a tall man entered the house. The child bounced up from his mother's lap and ran to his father with his arms up, saying, “Up! Up!” The man chucked in his deep voice as he scooped up the child in his strong arms. He leaned over to his wife, closing his red eyes and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead.

“Welcome home, Redd,” the mother sweetly greeted.

“Thanks, Leia,” he replied with a wide smile. He then stood straight with the boy in his arm and started tickling him. The black haired boy laughed in his high voice, trying to twist his way out of the other's strong grip. Redd put the boy down and growled, “Rahhhwr!” He scrunched his face to make it seem scary and bent his fingers into what represented claws.

The boy screamed, giggling and started running the opposite way.

“Uhnng....” The teen rolled over on his back and lifted his eyes ever so slightly. Sun rays burned his sight, so he sluggishly flopped his toned arms over his face. Something fell in his eye but as he rubbed his wrist across his face he felt like his skin was caked with another layer. Slowly he sat up and blinked to adjust his eyes. When he opened his red eyes fully he let out a small surprised gasp. He was completely surrounded by a sea of sand with no sight of anything else besides it.

He stood up, a large cloud of sand falling off his clothes and into the air. “Axel?” he called out. “Kylie? Justin? Sean?”


How did he end up here? Was he captured during the war but then they ditched his body in the middle of the desert? Though there was no time for questions. He had to start heading a direction.

Without any real meaning to the particular direction, the lone mercenary started walking under the sun's blazing heat, his boots sinking into the hot sand with every step. Sweat rolled down the side of his face, and with every breath he took, he choked up dust. He dragged his poleax across the warm floor, the blade cutting its form. Wind blew past him, covering the footprints or tracks he made with the desert's never ending supply of sand. His long shadow casted over a rotting skeleton of a camel, its eye sockets bare and dusty.

Covered in sand, the mercenary's boots dragged its way on top of something. With his stinging eyes he looked down at what he had stepped on. A small green plant. Constantly, there was more and more plants ahead until what was like a golden field of life. With hope regained, the lone male jogged his way to them. A path was cut and cemented down on top of the growing life, and he decided that it was best to follow it. A bit later he was welcomed by rows and rows of trees. A squirrel stared at him with questioning eyes as it nibbled at a peanut. A rabbit jerked its head to the mercenary's direction as his boots made a crunching sound on top of a tree branch, and quickly ran away into a bush. Ruffling its feathers, a particular crow gleamed its dull red eyes at his, as if a warning.

Shrugging it off, he continued to step over mossy fallen branches.

In the corner of his eyes, he saw a glimpse of movement. Judging by its color, it probably wasn't an animal. He turned his head that direction and raised his voice, “Is someone there?”

It suddenly was quieter than he remembered, but perhaps that was just in his head. By instinct, he slowly approached that direction in caution. He didn't feel like there was any dangerous presence, and typically he was good with that sort of stuff.

“Hello?” he asked again.

“O-oh, is someone there?” a high pitched voice answered.

“...Yeah,” he confirmed for the other person. Noticing a clearance in the near distance, he hesitantly closed in on it. Streaks of light peeked through the sides of the massively tall trees, and what was beyond that light was unknown.

Black. Blur. Black. Blur. The male blinked his eyes to readjust. In front of him was a well built house. Though it wasn't the type of house that little ol' granny lived in. There wasn't a beautiful garden or clothes that hung outside to dry.

“This is the Armageddon."

Seriously I don't even know anymore
I should continue with Crimson's past and that is also part of this, I mean this is also his past too but I left off where his town was blahed and eghed. 

I suck at writing.

Stop writing Crimson.
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MereShadowTears Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
[[You better continue it. :>]]
CryingCrimsonLiquid Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Too many things I never finish :iconrazycryplz:
MereShadowTears Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
[[Do it. :>]]
CryingCrimsonLiquid Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't :iconotlplz:
MereShadowTears Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
[[You can. :>]]
CryingCrimsonLiquid Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Continue, shush, and continue. You write fine. I must now get started with Demone's past. 
CryingCrimsonLiquid Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WHat the fuck am I doin
CryingCrimsonLiquid Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I CAN'T WRITE :iconomgwtfbbqplz:
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